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Beauty sleeps can lead to healthier skin

Posted by Born to be Public on
Beauty sleeps can lead to healthier skin

Has anyone told you that sleeping is important to a person's physical and mental health? It turns out that it is in fact scientifically proven that sleeping could also brighten your skin complexion and giving you a natural glow. This is because our skin is at a resting stage that has no muscle contraction or any light exposure, allowing cells to regenerate and replace at the most effective time of the day.

At night, our skin automatically sheds toxins and replaces dying cells. If we don't give ourselves enough time to sleep, it means that we are preventing skin metabolism in which consequently gives way to the formation of dark circles under eyes and wrinkles. That is the reason for the term 'beauty sleep'! 

In addition, the less sleep you get the more tired you will get in which would lead to inefficient blood flow. This would cause your skin to become pigmented and blotchy. 

Therefore, you should embrace a healthy sleeping schedule as a way to glowy skin!

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