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How to choose a quality sheet mask?

Posted by Born to be Public on
How to choose a quality sheet mask?

The sheet mask is so popular because it can accelerate the absorption of ingredients in a short time.

However, it's also very important for the mask to be made from natural ingredients as its suitable for sensitive skin

A good sheet Mask should be like this:

1. Uses simple and safe ingredients
2. Does't add to much PARABEN
3. Free from alcohol (because it's easy to cause sensitivity)
4. No chemical ingredient (might cause allergy)
5. Comfortable application, that fits perfectly in your face

born to be mask meets all the requirements!
Our mask is free from PARABEN, 100% cruelty-free, from an Eco-friendly factory!

Don't simply buy the cheapest ones because we don't know if it's made from good ingredients.

Be good to your skin, make the right decision!


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