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Why do we use sheet masks?

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Why do we use sheet masks?


  • Environmental pollution and UV light stimulation lead to melanin accumulation, allowing the skin to become dull.
  • The skin's stratum corneum defences are reduced, resulting in loss of moisture, becoming dry and rough.
  • Lack of nutrition in the skin slows down metabolism, resulting in fragile and sensitive skin and prompting accelerated ageing.

Your skincare products are essential to your daily routine and provide a foundation for healthy skin.

With the principle of [Occlusive Dressing Treatment ODT] percutaneous absorption, a face mask is a 'key treatment' with its 25g of the essence as it repairs damaged skin caused by the environment and ageing.

Have you ever noticed that your beautician will apply a face mask on you at the last step during your facial treatment to let you have a tender and smooth skin?

Skincare products and face masks are a complementary collection that relies on one another.

Proper use and combination of them can keep your skin healthy,strengthening the absorption of subsequent skincare products.





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