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Face washing only with water?

Posted by Born to be Public on
Face washing only with water?

Different people have different approaches to skincare routines. Some lean more toward exfoliation, while some toward SPF protection. However, there is a saying that goes "less is more". 

Washing with water provides numerous benefits such as time-saving and a natural glow. This is because our skin produces its own moisture, kills harmful bacteria and cleans unwanted toxins.

Although it is comforting to have multiple skincare products slathered, but, even the highest quality product can't compete with the simplicity and nature of water as it allows one to be more in tune with one's own skin. In addition, it saves you money and makes travelling much easier.

I know it sounds bizarre but you don't have to permanently change your skincare routine. However, sometimes, your skin needs a break from all the chemicals. Why not give it a try?

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