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How to join?

1. Qualification

18 years old and above
-Minimum 1,000 followers in personal Facebook & Instagram page.
-Warm, Friendly and Proactive in sharing about the brand and products on social media.

2. How it work?


Come and create beautiful memories with us. It’s totally FREE and Easy. Sign up today!  


You’re are all set to go now! -A unique link will be assigned to you through your account. -Choose one or few products from the product list on BTB website.-Once done, you can do a product review including the unique link in the post and recommend BTB products (as chosen) to your Facebook & Instagram followers. -Your followers will be able to enjoy RM10 off for their first purchase via the unique link.


Now you can earn like a Rockstar! -For every successful purchase through unique link assigned, you are entitled to 20% commission from your total product sales on BTB website only. (per receipt basis) -The commission entitlement does not limit to products you are reviewing.-Existing Ambassador can also enjoy commission from on-going purchase from new member

3. How do get started?

1. Sign up via application form provided. Please fill up mandatory fields as indicated.
2. Your account will be reviewed, approved and activated by email within 7 working days.
3. Once completed, you will be able to login and generate your own URL & discount code.
4. Spread the love by Sharing, Reviewing and Recommending to all your Facebook and Instagram followers.
5. Start earning from every successful purchase and live out the dream that you ever wanted.


Sign up is totally Free and Easy. 


No minimum sales requirement.


Able to earn commission up to 20%, repurchase commission from your existing customer.


Able to enjoy special Ambassador privileges and extra bonusses. Exclusive promotion for your followers too.


Join born to be Ambassador program,
review,recommend product and earn commision!

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