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Most of the Skin Care products are only effective on the skin surface, with Liposome Technology, essence could be brought further into deeper skin layers.

Liposomes wrap the serum with a Lecithin phospholipid layer,forming liposome molecules. Since liposomes have the same structure as skin cell membranes, it can quickly fuse with the cell membrane, actively releasing the wrapped serum.
A 5 minute fast penetration allows the serum to enter the deeper skin layer and repair the skin, effectively improving skin texture.


Researches have shown that the skin absorbs serum that is fresh and contains antioxidants. To ensure your skin absorbs an effective antioxidant serum, it is important to protect active ingredients from environmental heat damage.

This Patented Nanocapsule Technology effectively protects the essence from high temperature damage and allows the active ingredients to maintain its anti-oxidation effect.

A normal serum particle size is 4716nm. A Liposome serum particle size is 350nm, about 13 times smaller than the normal serum particle. The ultra-small particle size helps the serum penetrate deep into the skin quickly.
The complementary use of the lightest natural mesh fibre cloth (25g) with a highly effective serum enhances the quality of a sheet mask by providing a soft moisturizing feel and high transparency.