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Oily Skin

What is oily skin?
Oily skin appears to be shinny with enlarged skin pores. This is due to an overly production of sebum. The skin is prone to produce pimples and blackheads.
Which sheet masks are suitable for this skin type?
All of our sheet masks are suitable for oily skin.
Which sheet masks would you recommend for this skin type?
We recommend a complimentary use of Anti-Acne Lipomask and Hydro-Boosting Lipomask. Using Anti-Acne Lipomask would prevent acne from forming by minimizing skin pores and balance out your skin's pH level by reducing bad bacteria growth on oily skin. Using Hydro-Boosting Lipomask would moisturize you skin to repair damaged skin cells. You can use other sheet masks once your skin has become less oily and more balanced.