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Why Mask?

According to the survey report from World Health Organisation, 70% of present generation have experienced unhealthy skin by 20, 30 or 40 years old


  • Lack of moisture and nutrition

  • Low skin metabolism

  • Hormone endocrine disorder

  • External environmental stimulus and UV light

  • Low defence ability

The global market share for sheet masks is 71%, and the film masks trend has spread from Asia to Europe and the United States. The search volume of masks in the United States and France has risen sharply (especially in the United States) with a growth rate of about 184%.The face mask concept derived from transdermal absorption of “Occlusive Dressing Treatment ODT" in dermatology. 

The close-knitted dressing concept allows the mask cloth to adhere closely to the skin, to increases the temperature in which would expand skin pores to allow active ingredients to penetrate easily into deeper skin layers.


Daily Skincare products are a must for daily care, but the effect is limited. Although it's applied every day, face masks are needed for supplementation as it is the most effective. A piece of mask contains 25g of effective serum and the effect is the most prominent, hence, face masks are also a must for daily skin care. The appropriate combination between daily skincare products and face masks can provide unexpected results.