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Anti-Acne Lipomask
Anti-Acne Lipomask
Anti-Acne Lipomask
Anti-Acne Lipomask
Anti-Acne Lipomask
Anti-Acne Lipomask
Anti-Acne Lipomask
Anti-Acne Lipomask

Anti-Acne Lipomask


Package: 25ml x 5pcs/box

Product Description

This is a multi-functioning anti-acne mask that can eliminate acne and hydrate your skin. It softens your skin and removes excess dead cells first before smoothing out pores and dissolving acne. It has an anti-itching, moisturizing and pore reduction effect.

Solves the common after-effect of a normal acne mask that produces dry skin and large pores, so you can feel at ease while improving your acne condition.

Continuous use over time can eliminate acne on the skin while providing a soothing and calming effect, providing your skin with a suitable environment for the growth of good bacteria for cell renewal.  

For skin that restores. 

The anti-inflammatory properties in the Anti-Acne Lipomask will help to heal wounds, dissolve acne, and keep troubled skin at bay! 

Best For

Acne, Redness, Pore & Blemishes

Suitable For Skin Type 

Dry, Oily, Sensitive, Combination, Balance,  Acne

Recommended For Age 

20s, 30s, 40s, 50s & Under 20s 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Corrie Tee
Value for money

After using it for a few days i realized pimples have disappeared. Highly recommend it

Evelyn Tan
Great mask!

Tried this mask for 3 days and the result is impressive! Those big pimples became less painful and smaller over time. However, those smaller pimples are gone for good. Really improved my skin a lot and will definitely restock soon!


Product Effectiveness

HA Pro-Genesis

- Enhances skin moisture levels

Alpaflor R
 Impertoria AO

- Anti-inflammatory properties

- Cellular renewal

Rice Bran Extract

- Brightens complexion
- Reduces dark spots

White Willow Bark Extract

- Softens and removes excess dead skin cells
- Alleviates acne

Tea Tree Oil

- Inhibits the growth of bad bacteria
- Soothes and relieves irritated skin

Charcoal Mask Cloth

- Absorbs grease and dirt

- Anti-bacterial effects


Key Ingredients

Alpaflor R Impertoria AO, White Willow Bark Extract,Tea Tree Oil

1. Inhibits bad bacteria growth
2. Anti-inflammatory properties help heal wounds
3. Softens and removes excess dead cells
4. Dissolve acne
5. Suitable for all skin types, even those without acne (deep pre cleansing)

Immediate effect after 1 application. 

Membrane Cloth Unique Features

The complementary use of the lightest natural mesh fibre cloth (25g) with an highly effective serum enhances the quality of a face mask by providing a soft moisturizing feel and high transparency. 25g The lightest natural mesh fiber cloth in the skincare market.

Born To Be lipomask is designed to fit perfectly on your skin, completely covering all ends of the lip, eyes and nose area without any fold ups. It’s delicate, silky-soft cotton mask sheet fits perfectly to the contours of your face to maximize essence absorption. Place the mask sheet on your face. Smooth out mask to ensure a perfect fit on all areas. 


How to use.


Cleaning Your Face

Apply mask on a perfectly cleansed, dried face.


Put The Mask On

Pres slightly with finger tips to ensure mask is firmly patched. Remove mask after 15 to 20 minutes. 


Peel The Mask Off

Gently massage excessive serum until fully absorbed.No need to rinse. You can follow with regelar skin care stage.


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Anti-Acne Lipomask
Anti-Acne Lipomask
Anti-Acne Lipomask
Anti-Acne Lipomask

Anti-Acne Lipomask